Handwash Stations

ABC Waste Potties has a large amount of 2 Men Hand washing Units always ready for all imaginable type of needs.

Ideal for all locations, these self contain sinks are the perfect solution to your sanitary needs. They are equipped with hand towel dispensers and soap dispensers which makes them completely self sufficient.

Handwash Stations

Handwash Stations


  • 1400 water pumps and 1400 paper towels

  • Hand soap is included

  • Its equipped with two holding tanks, one for the clean water and one for the waste water.

    note: Customers must provide the trash bin for the paper towels


The Handwash stations can be placed either indoors or outdoors. They provide 18 gallons of fresh water which will provide approximately 1400 pumps of the foot pedal. They are perfect for any non permanent installations or remote locations. They are typically used on construction sites, home renovation project, special events, family reunions, graduation parties, groceries stores, offices, public spaces, festivals, retail stores, restaurants and much more.

The Handwash stations can be rented on a monthly basis, on a weekly basis or for one day events.

Monthly rental rate is : $175 +GST/Unit plus an additional required weekly servicing at a charge of $50 +GST/Unit. 

Weekly rate is : $150 +GST / Unit, no service required.

One day event rate is : $125 +GST/Unit.

All rentals are subject to a delivery and pickup charge of $50 per order. 

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