Restroom Trailers

ABC Waste's Restroom trailers are the best units available on the market to this day. We have 3 different sizes available to suit all sizes of events. The restroom trailers are available all year around and can be delivered outside of Calgary to accommodate any type of events in remote locations. The trailers are equipped with central heating system and central A/C system. The VIP Restroom trailers are often utilized for weddings and large gatherings as well as temporary office bathrooms, summer camp installations, corporate parties and much more.


Power supply

All sizes of trailers can supplied in power by an external source of power or can also be operated on the battery of the trailer via 24 Volts circuit. The central A/C and heating system is requiring an external source of power to operate, which would be by example, a generator or being connected to a fix installation. We are able to provide a generator in situations where it's needed.

Fresh water supply

All sizes trailers are equipped with a fresh water reservoir which the size depends on the trailer size and can also be connected to an external source of water trough a garden hose connection. 

2 Stall VIP Restroom Trailer  (1 AV.)

Length:    10’ Box, 15’ w/ Tongue
Width:      8’5”, 9’6” w/ Steps Down
Height:     10’11 including AC
Fresh:      105 gallons
Waste:     275 gallons


4 Stall VIP Restroom Trailer (2 AV.)

Length:    14’ Box, 19’ w/ Tongue
Width:      8’5”, 9’6” w/ Steps Down
Height:     11’3” including AC
Fresh:       200 gallons
Waste:     440 gallons

9 Stall VIP Restroom Trailer (2 AV.)

Length:     20’ Box, 25’ w/Tongue
Width:      8’6″, 12’6″ w/Steps Down
Height:     11’8”  including AC
Fresh Tank:       200 gallons
Waste Tank:     750 gallons

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We will be please to explore which of the product is the most adequate for your needs.

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